Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ever seen a Flashmeeting?

A Flashmeeting is where a bunch of people sit in front of their computer and talk to each other. Seems a bit like videoconferencing or multi-player Skype! If you follow this link you'll hear some MFL teachers who are keen on ICT talking about their impressions of the recent Language Show 2009. Nice to see and hear all that enthusiasm.  Like most language teachers I am always attracted to useful ideas and one I picked up, which was explained by Esther Hardman, works like this: you put some of the words to a song on the wall. You then get some pupil to line up and they have to go and touch the words as they hear them in the song. Sounds like fun and a good way to get children to listen carefully. Makes me think I need to spice up my lessons!

If you are curious, here's the link. You can fast forward to hear each person's interventions. Thanks to Joe Dale who posted the link on mflresources. Joe is a leader in the use of ICT in language teaching.


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