Friday, 27 August 2010

Donkeys wearing trousers

Just got back from three relaxing warm and generally sun-drenched weeks in Puyravault. Been doing the annual analysis of exam results too with the very good Enhanced Results service from e-AQA. It's brilliant. Means you don't have to go in to school to look at results and tells you more than ever before. Anyway, something which amused me in St Martin on the Ile de Ré this year was the sight of a line of donkeys wearing what looked like pyjama bottoms.

Well, it turns out that the trousers used to be worn by donkeys to protect their legs from insect bites as they wandered the salt marshes. Monsieur Régis Léau looks after 60 donkeys, including 20 Baudet du Poitou donkeys which are, it seems, a rare breed.

They are now a minor tourist attraction where they can be seen ridden by children.

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