Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Normandy trip

Got back yesterday from Normandy. Brilliant trip with the second formers, all 106 of them. This group were a lot of fun to be with and very sensible. We stuck to a tried and tested routine: Bayeux Tapestry, Longues gun battery, Omaha Beach American war cemetery. (If you get the chance go there. The Visitors' Centre is outstanding - very touching.) The Mémorial in Caen, where they have extended the secton on the holocaust, the Mont St Michel, St Malo and Riva Bella beach at Ouistreham. My highlight was the talent show night when almost the entire group spontaneously got up to do a kind of conga as they sang a song dedicated to Daisy Newsome. Thanks to all the teachers: Marq, Chris, Helen, Sharon, Mike, plus Giles, Daisy and Charlotte. John M couldn't be with us as he was ill. I'm hoping to get some photos soon.

I really recommend the Château du Molay run by Travelbound in Brighton.

Off to Puyravault on Thursday.

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