Tuesday, 13 March 2012

frenchteacher.net updates

There have been some recent additions to the site: a couple of simple Y7 sheets on -er verbs, a help sheet for students preparing for the AQA A2 stimulus card, plus new oral/writing drills on the tenses in the Y8 and Y9 sections.

I have also been checking for dead links and have discovered a few. I try to keep up to date, but with with such a large number of links I don't keep up with everything. What surprises me slightly is how few new, free resources become available online. The well-established sites like Languagesonline, MFL Sunderland, TES and others continue to be the main sources of reliable material. There are, of course, a growing number of subscription sites with a good reputation, such as Linguascope and Atant├┤t, but I have to say that I am not "blown away" by much of what I come across, and certainly not the resources coming out from the big publishers. I fond the Kerboodle resources from Nelson underwhelming. Maybe I need to look harder!

Meanwhile, the new-look frenchteacher.net site is taking shape and I intend to put it online in its complete form by the start of May. There will be a £20 annual subscription for the main resources pages which I am currently going through to check for copyright issues, but powerpoints, links and teacher help pages will remain free. When I retire in July my intention is for frenchteacher.net to be a sort of paid hobby to which I can devote a good deal of time. I have no idea how many teachers and departments will choose to subscribe, but I hope there will be enough to make it worth my while making new resources.

For a sneak preview of the evolving new site:


Oh, and someone tweeted this fabulous site:


If you enjoy France and maps, you'll enjoy.

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