Sunday, 25 March 2012

An MFL professional development consortium

I am posting a an email message I received via the Linguanet forum. It may be of interest to MFL teachers in the south east of England in particular. It looks interesting.

"A new project between the universities of Reading and Oxford has seen the 
establishment of a Professional Development Consortium in MFL. The consortium 
involves leading MFL classroom teachers and researchers who are working to 
establish a closer relationship between research-based principles of effective 
language teaching and learning, and current practice within the MFL curriculum. 
We want to invite all language teachers to join the consortium by attending one 
of our six workshops which will take place this summer. The workshops will 
exemplify how eight research-based language learning principles can be 
implemented in MFL classrooms with the aim of raising attainment among students. 
The subsequent dialogue between researchers and teachers of modern languages 
will continue, as the consortium seeks to apply the outcomes of the workshops to 
other areas of the MFL curriculum.

The workshops will be an all-day event with lunch provided. Attendance is free 
of charge. The scheduled dates are:
Reading – 13 June / London – 19 June / Oxford – 26 June / Walsall – 29 June / 
London – 3 July / Bristol – 12 July
For further details and to register please contact Heike Bruton at"

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