Friday, 30 November 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an American site set up by Paul Edelman, a former new York City teacher, which allows teachers to sell their resources to each other for modest fees. There seems to be a good range of French resources available, but it is hard to evaluate their quality since you can only rely on the description of each one; there is no preview facility. However, there is a rating system and buyers can leave comments on the quality of the resources.

Resources include card games, powerpoint presentations, activities, worksheets, mini-lessons and posters.

Most resources cost between $1 and $5. Some are free.

Although many teachers would question why they should bother paying for powerpoints and workbooks when they can get them for nothing on a site like TES, this online marketplace concept is a good one and an easy way for teachers to make a small income from resources made in their own time. Teachers ought to be aware of ownership issues, however, since, in England at least, resources you make for your school may be the property of the school, even if schools rarely follow up on this.

I rather like their mission statement on the site:

"Teachers work hard and deserve extra compensation for all those hours spent lesson planning. Newer teachers and those looking for ideas can save time and leap ahead in competency by learning from veterans. We strongly believe that the ensuing exchange lifts all boats and leads to the better sharing of best practices. In the end everyone wins, especially our students."

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