Thursday, 1 November 2012

What's new on

I've added a testimonials page to the site if anyone is interested to read what some teachers think of the resources. I'll add more comments as I receive them. To accommodate this on the home page contents bar, I've shifted the Spanish resources into the "free resources" menu, so Spanish has not disappeared, it's just elsewhere.

I've also decided to place a few small Google ads on American and Canadian sites as the large majority of my subscribers are British and I am not so sure Americans, Canadians, plus teachers down under, are so aware of the resources. Most of the resources on the site are not aimed specifically at British teachers, although I am conscious of the fact that some of the acronyms for assessments look alien to non-British teachers.

As for new resources on the site, I've added a few more crosswords for KS3 and KS4 (low intermediate), plus a crossword on the subjunctive for advanced students. I have also made a resource about Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes, a sheet featuring a very curious fait divers about a seaman who dies in mysterious circumstances, a useful text for AS level about internet shopping in France and an updated text with exercises on doping in sport, taking into account recent developments on the Lance Armstrong affair.

As always, I am trying to keep up with the latest French teacher blogs and other resources, but I always welcome suggestions from fellow linguists.

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