Friday, 5 April 2013

Frenchteacher updates

Here's a brief summary of the latest activity on the site.

I've been focusing mainly on resources for intermediate and advanced level, as always seeking interesting texts to design exercises around.

I came across an interview with a TGV train driver in an SNCF magazine which I adapted for GCSE. Not the most exciting of material, but very typical of the GCSE genre! It's also close to my heart ever since my old friend who was a TGV driver allowed me to accompany him on two occasions from La Rochelle to Paris and back in the cab of a TGV Atlantique. Also for intermediate level I've done a text with questions on smiling. Evolutionary biologists think we developed smiling from apes who use it to show they are inoffensive. Works for me.

For advanced level I have done texts with exercises on TV and its effects on children's behaviour, music streaming and how it may take over from downloading, gay marriage (the previous resource on this was getting outdated) and the pros and cons of private schooling.
Finally, I have produced a challenging text and exercises about water shortages in the world and uopdated an older text with exercsies on illiteracy.
I am open to requests from my subscribers for resources on topics they would like to see covered. Just leave a comment or mail me via the frenchteacher site. Have a good summer term! See previous blogs for revision links.

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