Sunday, 14 April 2013

You can't beat a good teacher

All the international evidence says the same thing.  Forget technology, school structures, iPads, academies and the latest methodology; if you want to raise standards just get a really good teacher in front of a class.

So far, so obvious.

I have just returned from a weekend "retreat" in York with one of my barbershop choruses. We are doing our final preparations in the run up to the national convention in Bournemouth. We are fortunate to have an extremely gifted and experienced chorus director. This is what she does well:
  • She has superb knowledge of her field, so we have confidence in what she tells us
  • She has high expectations but tells us we can achieve them with hard work
  • She models good performance
  • She is passionate and enthusiastic about what she is doing and shares that with us
  • She praises us when we do really well, not just quite well
  • She admonishes us quite agressively when we go wrong, but not in a vindictive way - we perform better afterwards
  • She smiles a lot, is funny and enjoys banter with the chorus
  • She is sensitive to individual abilities and needs
  • She sets out clear goals (short and long term), works hard for us and is well organised
  • She makes us do things repeatedly until we get them right
  • She invites input from the chorus
  • She believes in improvement through both practice and explanation
She would have made an inspiring school teacher.

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