Thursday, 10 April 2014

Survey feedback

Thank you to the 72 frenchteacher subscribers who completed my brief Surveymonkey survey. Thanks also for the generous comments many teachers made.

Here are some points which emerged:

Most popular resources (in order): texts with exercises, grammar worksheets and video listening tasks. It's interesting to note that grammar sheets remain a teacher favourite and I've blogged previously about the various ways sheets can be exploited orally and in writing. I am pleased that the video listening sheets are being well used. These partly emerged from last year's survey in which a number of teachers said they would welcome listening resources on the site. Crosswords are popular and the new dominoes resources are being used.

The A-Level and Y10-11 resources remain the most used, which is in line with last year's survey and which does not surprise me. I guess A-Level is a speciality of the site. The new adult student section is getting some use.

As regards ideas for changes to the site or new resources, there was no obvious pattern really. Let me respond to some individual comments made:

  • It is unlikely I shall do any more resources on specific films or books. These take a lot of time and may appeal to a limited audience. I recommend Steve Glover's A-Level French site for this.
  • I cannot easily do direct links from the Recent Additions and Contents pages to specific resources as these two pages are primarily aimed at non-subscribers.
  • I am always on the look-out for easy listening for KS3, but there are few resources online at the appropriate  level. In additions school French courses are quite rich in listening resources at the right level. I welcome any more suggestions.
  • Someone requested more reading comprehensions for Y8 and Y9. There are already quite a few for Y9, but I shall consider adding more to Y8.
  • Two subscribers said they would like to see more resources aimed specifically at adult students. I have made a start on this.
  • One user said they would like to see more IB related material. I believe that the A-level resources are a good match for IB already, at least as far as comprehension is concerned.
  • One subscriber asked for more answers to exercises. I added a lot more after last year's survey so that all A-level and most GCSE grammar exercises have answers. That's as far as I shall go on that.
  • There was a request for more powerpoints. I may do something on this, but as these are in the free section of the site (copyright reasons - pictures) it will not be a major focus. I prefer to concentrate on subscriber resources.
  • One person commented that links are unreliable. I do my best to keep on top of these!
  • One person suggested there could be more model essays. I shall look at this.
  •  One person wanted more on the environment, another less! Actually, I happen to like this topic because I believe it is the number one issue facing human beings.
  • One person asked for more differentiated sheets. I am aware the resources tend to suit the more able learner. I shall see what I can do on this.
  • One person asked for more activities to stimulate oral work. Funny one that. I think the vast majority of the resources do that!
  • One person asked for more KS3 translation material. In response I would say that I tend to have a distaste for translation at KS3, but I understand that others do not. That, together with the latest programmes of study for KS3 and 4, means I shall probably include more translation in the future. I shall go with the market on that!
Once again. Many thanks for responding to the survey. I shall leave it open a bit longer if you missed it.

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