Monday, 6 October 2014

1jour1actu videos

I have to give a mention to this super collection of short videos from Milan Presse/France Télévisions/1jour1actu.

This a quite a large set of short video presentations, using cartoon images, on issues of the day presented for young people. Each video only last a minute and a half or so and is narrated in clear French at authentic speed. As well as being an excellent resource for advanced listening, the videos are informative and relevant. Topics covered include: Ebola, fashion, Gaza, climate change, finance of political parties, migration and refugees. There are many, many more.

I have just done a worksheet on the video below about who sets fashion trends. It taught me something about the fashion industry and who sets trends. Nice piece of vocabulary: un "tendanceur" which Linguee translates as "trend-watcher".

Fashion goes over my head. My look is probably little better than Jeremy Clarkson's.


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