Sunday, 23 November 2014

MFL teacher's handbook

I just wanted to draw teachers' attention to the handbook I put together some months ago and which will, no doubt, evolve further as I add new sections. I know that some teachers have used this resource to inform their departmental discussions and it was always my intention that it might be a useful resource both for new and experienced colleagues.

There are around 70 pages of ideas for language teachers, most of which have been copied- and in some cases adapted or rewritten - from existing material from or this blog.

The content includes a number of concise checklists and includes the following areas:

Update: section on target language teaching now added.

- Methodology/theoretical basis of good practice
- Classroom organisation
- Lesson planning
- Speaking and writing activities
- Listening and reading
- Using texts
- Teaching vocabulary
- Using music
- Teaching film and literature
- Using games
- Reconciling grammar and communication
- Exploiting grammar worksheets
- Task- centred discussion work
- Assessing grammar-translation
- Using pictures
- Pace, challenge and questioning
- Teaching able linguists
- SEN learners
- Primary language learners
- Extensive reading
- Marking and grading
- Homework
- Accuracy and fluency
- Assessing course books
- Skill-building and comprehensible input.

I shall soon be adding a new section specifically on target language use once I have my notes completed for my ALL webinar on the subject in January.

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