Thursday, 12 March 2015

AS French level revision links 2015

It's that time of year again. Here is an updated list of revision links for students preparing for AS level French examinations in England and Wales, though I daresay it would be useful to students preparing for other assessments. I particularly recommend MFL Online from Jim Hall. Most of the links are free, but I have taken the liberty of including my own which are behind the £20 paywall. You can always omit these if you want to make a hand-out for free resources only.

For reading the Languages Online material is good because students get instant answers.

As far as listening is concerned my AS video listening worksheets are probably the most useful for students because they involve structured doing as well as listening. Teachers who subscribe could always hand these out as a booklet so students would not pay. Many have model answers.

Carmen Vera's grammar through French songs. A bit more fun maybe.

Video listening sheets on frenchteacher (behind paywall) - do not share teacher logins



(not error-free, but very useful examples)

Speaking test (scroll to bottom)

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