Sunday, 19 April 2015

5 good live French news channels

These news channels can all be viewed form the UK. If you live elsewhere check for availability. I have used the official links, but you may find these channels available on other web pages e.g. Livestream. All channels carry commercials.

Here is a good set of links to French language TV channels and others online.


The most watched, respected and influential 24/7 French news channel. You may be greeted by a short commercial.  BFM broadcasts breaking news, comment, discussion. Their archived videos are in the Replay section. Each report is preceded by a short commercial.


Live news network featuring breaking news, sport (especially football, politics, culture, interviews. The site also carries archived news videos, categorised by various themes: France, world, politics, justice, economy, sport, culture, insolite (not easy to translate - basically bizarre or unusual stories).

France 24

International news, weather, sport, with some interviews and special reports. This is the French language equivalent of CNN or BBC World. There are plenty of archived videos to watch.


You'll get a short commercial on arrival. Euronews broadcasts news, features from around the world, business, cinema, technology and much more. There is plenty of interest here, though it is a less viewed channel than BFM TV, for example.

La Télé

This is a Swiss regional channel which broadcasts news (local, national and international), weather, sport and features. The replay section has archived clips.

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