Wednesday, 1 July 2015

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Here are the subscriber resources I have added in the last month:

Text and exercises on overcrowding in French prisons. Article, vocabulary list to complete, questions about the text, general questions on prison and law and order.
Y13 (advanced)
Video listening for near beginners: Trotro fait un bonhomme de neige. Linked video with sentences to recognise, gapped translation and a mini story in French to complete. By the way, if you didn't know, Trotro is a cute little donkey much loved by toddlers in France. Fortunately, unlike most donkeys, he speaks French slowly and clearly.
(Y8 - near beginner)
Parallel reading passage and exercise on the organisation Islamic State. Some useful background knowledge for students.
(Y10-11 - intermediate)
Parallel reading. The story of three Mexican fishermen rescued after drifting 8000km across the Pacific. True/false/not mentioned exercise and an idea for written exploitation.
(Y10/11 - intermediate
A French to English translation on the subject of the cartoon book market in France. Model answer provided as for all the translations on the site.
Y12-13 (Advanced)
Two parallel readings for intermediate level. Weird hotel complaints and phobias. Parallel French-English text, true/false/not mentioned and other exercises.
Y10-11 (Intermediate)
Two parallel readings for intermediate level. The first is about young people's changing online behaviour in France, the second about superheroes. Parallel texts (French and English) with true sentences to identify and some gap fill. Could work with excellent Y9 pupils.
Y10-11 (Intermediate)
Video listening. The Ariane rocket launcher. Link to short video from 1jour1question. Correct sentences to identify and vocab to complete. Teacher's answers provided. You could do this with fast Y10s, Y11 or Y12 (high intermediate/low advanced). The1jour1question videos are really good for this level.
Y10-11 (Intermediate)
Three new parallel reading for beginners. The Eiffel Tower, the Channel Tunnel and the EU - short parallel texts (on in French, one in English) with true or false sentences to identify and a vocabulary list to complete. I've also posted a front cover page if you want to make the parallel texts into a booklet.
Y7 (Beginner)

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