Friday, 26 February 2016

Resources for new French AS and A-levels

UPDATE: 2nd June 2016

Now uploaded to TES: family (Pearson, AQA) , work (Pearson) and how criminals are treated (AQA)


Just to let you know that Gianfranco and I are working on a set of resources for the new A-levels for first teaching in September of this year. Gianfranco wanted to produce some translation-focused resources which reflect the practice we described in The Language Teacher Handbook (particularly the recycling of grammar and vocabulary).

We are working on the basis of a source text in French with comprehension and grammar tasks (similar to the sort of thing I write for, followed by a set of exercises which lead up to a final translation or graded translations (similar to exercise types which Gianfranco often uses). We would hope these resources would supplement any textbooks soon to be published.

We have mapped out a broad structure of about 20 units of this type (10 for AS-level, 10 for A-level), based on the draft content of the new A-levels. Each unit would have about 8 pages of tasks which would include speaking, reading and writing.

Our current plan includes the following topics:

AS level
Family (done)
Cultural heritage
Voluntary work
World of work (done)
Music and TV
Youth trends, issues, personal identity

Diversity and integration
Life for marginalised people
How criminals are treated (done)
Cultural enrichment/celebrating difference
Technology - effect of working lives
Teenagers/votes/political engagement
Politics and immigration

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