Saturday, 1 October 2016

Looking for case studies

As part of a book I am writing about becoming an outstanding languages teacher, I'm considering including a section featuring case studies of teachers who are using approaches which might be considered out of the mainstream. By "mainstream" I mean methods rooted in the communicative approach supported by a good deal grammar teaching, practice and vocab learning, for example.

The point I hope to make is that there is no one way of being "outstanding", even if successful teachers follow certain essential principles, primarily the one of exposing pupils to lots of recycled target language. (I can't imagine a successful approach which did not do that.)

The TPRS approach is an example of a non-mainstream approach, since it apparently lays so little emphasis on grammar practice, so I'd be particularly keen to hear from a TPRS practitioner with a strong track record of success. No need to be modest!

AIMlang is another popular, but non-mainstream approach, which could be good to hear about. Again, I'd need to hear from a teacher whose classes do particularly well and who has a reputation for excellence in their school.

There may even good old-fashioned grammar-translation supporters who, contrary to popular opinion, manage to produce successful communicators!

I would hope to provide a general rationale for the approach, followed by a description of typical classroom activities or even a model lesson plan. I must stress again that any approach must be one which produces noticeably excellent results. This could be with pupils of any ability.

If you'd be interested in helping me out or would like more detail (it's also a chance to showcase your approach), contact me at

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