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NCELP revisited

  NCELP stands for National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy. You may recall that this was the organisation set up by the government some time after the publication of the TSC Review of MFL Pedagogy (2016) . Based at the University of York (England) and led by Dr Emma Marsden and Dr Rachel Hawkes, the role of the NCELP is to disseminate via hub schools what they consider to be the most effective pedagogy for MFL classrooms in England. Worth recalling is that the original pedagogy report, accessible via the site, was based on a trawl of research considered relevant to the English context, as well as classroom observations of classes and interviews with school teachers. In my meetings with teachers I have found it is surprisingly little known, so I wonder how well their work has been publicised. Since its inception in 2018 (I think), their work has progressed and, for most teachers, its fruits are visible on the website. These resources are varied and are a mixture