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A Portrait d’enfant video listening worksheet

You may know already that I’m a fan of the ‘Portrait d’enfant’ short videos made by Arte. Below is an example of a worksheet I made last year. The activity promotes careful listening and is an eye-opener for students, showing as it does the life of a child in a context quite different to their own. This resource would suit Higher GCSE pupils (roughly CEFR A2). A high-achieving Y9 class would also get a lot from this. So, in sum, lots of interesting comprehensible input, careful language processing and intercultural understanding. This ticks some good boxes. You could play this video from the front, with lots of pauses and repetitions, or students could do it on their own if they have the resources at home. I would have done this in class, since this enables you to deal with questions, add detail or provide extra commentary or repetition. Portrait d’enfant :  Mohammed,  B édoin   de  Pétra   2 m 53  ( recommend play ing at 0.75 speed) Écoutez