Friday, 26 April 2013

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One or two subscribers to have asked if I could add answers to exercises to save time with marking or allow students to self-mark.

With this in mind I have just supplied answers to all the AS Level grammar cloze exercises. These are appended to each A4 page.

I have also, some time ago, provided model answers for the A2 level English to French translation sentences.

I hope these prove useful to teachers and students.

I shall look at other activities where answers might be provided, but given the very large number of resources it is unlikely I shall get far with the task. I would rather be creating fresh stuff!

By the way, it is almost a year since the site became subscription based and I have been surprised just how popular it has been, with a significant proportion of all English secondary schools subscribing, not to mention many teachers from overseas.

The first batch of subscribers are coming up to the renewal date and I am sending reminders out on this. If you renew online and wish to keep the same username you will have to renew after your membership expires - it's a foible of my membership software.

Many thanks for everyone's support.

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