Friday, 17 February 2012

Key developments in language teaching

What have been the key developments over the last few decades in language teaching?

Here is my top ten, not in rank order. Yes, it had to be ten. Feel free to shoot me down in flames. As a group game you could rank them!

1. The near death of grammar-translation.
2. The invention of the tape recorder and language laboratories.
3. The rise and fall of audio-lingualism.
4. The widespread growth of "direct methods" or "oral-situational approaches".
5. The rise of authenticity of resources.
6. The rise of the communicative approach and information gap.
7. The four skills approach. Focus on speaking and listening.
8. The arrival of the computer and the internet.
9. The rise of generic formative assessment techniques.
10. Eclectism and the resurrection of grammar.

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