Friday, 7 October 2016

AQA teacher support materials for AS and A-level

Just in case you were unaware of these, AQA has been posting support resources for MFL teachers. I worked on the French ones on their behalf. You'll find a number of useful resources. Navigate from this address:

They are:

- Model AS-level French, German and Spanish translations with mark schemes. There are five English to TL and five TL to English. These give a clear idea of the level and how they are marked.

- Guides to teaching literature and film. These were produced partly for the benefit teachers who have never taught literature or film, but should provide some fresh ideas to experienced practitioners. You'll find comprehensive checklists of types of activity you could do with texts and films, along with a suggested timetable of tasks.

- An Individual Research Project guide. This may already be on your radar if you teach A-level. It should prove useful next year. This is probably the area which teachers will have most questions about, particularly regarding the amount of support teachers are allowed to offer.

- A comprehensive list of resource links for the set texts and films. We scoured the internet to find out what resources exist to support the teaching of the books and films. It is AQA's intention to provide extra resources for works where existing support is thin. Just to remind you, however, that your first stop for all the books and films should be Steve Glover's site.

- A webcast giving general information about the AQA courses.

- Information about recommended textbooks.

- A suggested scheme of work which teachers may find of use.

- A limited selection of other individual teaching resources. There are plenty more on the Teachit Languages site, which is in the AQA stable.

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