Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Adult beginner resources

A little project I have given myself is to create some resources specifically for beginner and near beginner adult students. This is in response to requests from adult tutors and feedback from my recent Survey Monkey questionnaire.

What I have in mind is nothing very original, but it should be useful. I shall write some simple situational dialogues for reading aloud in pairs or small groups. The conversations can then be adapted as appropriate. I'll add some cultural notes, key phrases or vocabulary lists to help.

As always with the resources I write, my intention is that they be considered practical, accurate and usable. Each of these respurces should take about 20 minutes or so to use in class.

These new resources should usefully supplement the numerous advanced resources already on the Adult Students page.

Update: 13.11.14 I have now posted seven dialogues,  au restaurant, à la réception de l'hôtel, au camping, à la boulangerie, au café, à la boucherie and à la poissonnerie.

Update: 29.11.14 The are now a dozen dialogues.

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