Saturday, 21 November 2009

When dinosaurs roamed the Earth

Personal log. Star Date 21.11.2009

Went to see Yes last night with Elspeth at Newcastle City Hall, more in hope than anticipation, but they were on fire! Good, supportive crowd in. They played with a new singer Benoit David from Montreal (who has sung in a Yes tribute band) who has a lovely accurate tenor voice, similar to Jon Anderson's. Oliver Wakeman, Rick's son, was on keys and did a fine job. Star of the show was Steve Howe on guitar. He was on fire all night.

There were a bunch of youngish women bopping away behind us - a rare sight at a Yes gig. Most Yes fans are balding, middle-aged men and their reluctant wives and sons. Turns out the girls were Stephanie Howe (Steve's daughter) and her college friends. Maybe that's why Steve was trying extra hard. Anyway, the band were seriously good and we were both glad we went.

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