Thursday, 9 October 2014

Les enfants du XXIe siècle

I am grateful to retired language teacher Julia Whyte who put me on to this super set of videos from Les Maternelles/Youtube. Called Les Enfants du XXIe siècle, they feature children (aged roughly 8 to 13) talking about a whole range of "grown up" issues.

Topics include la mode, l'immigration,  la télé, les vieux, la politesse, la police, le bio, les déchets, les fruits et légumes... Teachers will easily find something which can be used with low advanced or advanced learners. The videos are amusing and the language is generally clear and accessible. The videos are subtitled in French, which is an added bonus.

Worksheets linking to these will follow on, you can be sure!

Here is an example:


  1. The ones I have looked at do not have subtitles? Which ones do? Still, a great resource, thanks!

  2. Just click on the CC at the bottom of the videos.